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Exclusion & Inclusion

Relief Print
0" x 40" / each

Relief Print
72" x 36" / each


Performance Art
Duration: 80 mins
The segmented body of Mizin Shin's self-portrait relief prints reinterprets the idea of "pulling yourself together". Within depictions of herself portrayed in various ranges of tones, a reminder that this is a repetitive practice experienced over and over with some variation in the results. By representing herself through the figure of a young woman, Shin highlights persistent issues of discrimination and bias—in particular, the recent increase in the number of reported hate crimes against members of Asian and Pacific Islander communities. Patterns of discriminatory experiences induce the dismantling of emotional balance and physical fragility.  

During the long duration of the performance, Shin constantly applies relentless external forces to the print with hole punches to damage it until the figure is no longer recognizable.
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