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World Network Models

Screenprint on clear polyester film
34" x 32" / each


Screenprint on clear acrylic sheet
36" x 60" / each

Polyester film cut
Size Variable

Painting, Drawing
36" x 36" / each

Woodcut, Drawing, Collage
17" x 8"

Woodcut, Drawing, Collage

23" x 15.5"
The World Network Models visualizes maps of transportation connections to expose the interdependent travel systems as networks of migratory movement.

Since the onset of COVID-19, we have all experienced how deeply humankind is connected as individual economic and health decisions affect those around the world. The prints, drawings, and installations show mapped data from travel patterns following historical trends in international mass transportation including air and ground travels—particularly rail in Europe.

The work not only portrays the stages of technological evolution but also illustrates the continual increase of interconnectivity emphasizing the complexity and quantity of travel patterns. The collected transportation data is used to visualize historical travel information and, in turn, reveals anthropological networks of interactions through war, culture, trade, and economy.
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