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How Things Are Made Vol.1

Woodcut (34" x 34" each print) 
Over 400 prints are used for the installation.
Prints are 34 x 34 inches each.
Four different print designs can be arranged in any pattern (infinitely) creating a larger image. Prints are to be displayed as wallpaper covering the wall, floor and ceiling, or as scrolls hanging on the wall.
How Things Are Made Vol.1 examines the interdependency of manufacturing and production systems by uncovering and visualizing networks and connections as an attempt to better understand the complicated phenomenon of economy, a system interdependent on a large and continually increasing number of other social entities. By revealing the intrinsic connections among simple objects, the work highlights the idea that all elements of our systems are of significance, from the individual items to the larger constructs. Though they can be imperceptible from afar, these relationships are easier to pinpoint among simple things in our everyday lives. For example, in the manufacturing process of cookies, how many steps and systems are involved? How is each constituent part, such as milk, butter, or the cookie, related to other manufactured goods like aluminum and iron?
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